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On this page you will find PREFERRED CUSTOMER specials, dates/locations of events that I will be at, information on Gift Baskets, Open House, Parties, etc.

As those of you that have been my Customers for awhile know, I am VERY appreciative of my supportive friends, family, and customers and offer specials whenever possible as well as AWESOME rewards for referrals.

THANKS for stopping by!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Warmers .. get your Warmers! :)

Last week I did a "ONE DAY OFFER" to help people get their last minute Holiday shopping done. (See below.)
Many of my inventory warmers went fast but there are still some left so I decided to offer it one more time to help get them cleared out and help give my awesome preferred customers a great opportunity for some discounted shopping.
If you are interested, call/email/text me and let me know which ones you are interested in so I can let you know if I still have it. Hurry fast - good now through Tuesday, December 14th at Noon!

Last weeks message:
"As a "perk" for my Preferred Customers, I am offering the following special prices on Full-size warmers in my inventory for one day only. GREAT gifts if you need some still. Call/text/email ASAP - first come, first served. This is good through Wednesday night at 7 PM MST.Warmers - Hugs and Kisses, Tiki..., Full Court, Fore, Game Day, Nod, Daisies, Heavenly, Red Snowflake, Snowday (Originally $30 on sale for $24)Warmers - Tannenbaum, Gingerbread, Montpelier, Holly, Give Thanks, Fright Night, Menorah (Originally $30 on sale for $22)"

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scentsy Buddy Donations

As many of you know, our family does a family service project each year at Christmastime. In addition to our "regular" project this year, we are doing a "side" project of purchasing Scentsy Buddies and delivering them to The Christmas Box House for the kids there. In addition to those that our family will be purchasing to donate, I will be using a percentage of all of my Scentsy sales from November to purchase additional ones. I am also offering a FREE Scentsy bar to anyone else who would like to purchase a Buddy to be given to The Christmas Box House.
Our family will be delivering these mid-December so please let me know ASAP if you would like to participate.

Inventory SALE!

Hi Everyone! I have a bunch of inventory left over from some shows I have done recently that I would LOVE you to use for Christmas gifts! I am offering these at discount through Sunday, November 21st ONLY. Many of these are items you can still order but I have extras onhand so the sale price is for what is in my inventory only - first come, first served.

ABCs Midsize Original Price: $25 Sale Price: $20
Daisies Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $24
Dandy White plug in Original Price: $15 Sale Price: $12
FORE Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $24
Fright Night Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $27
Full Court Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $25
Game Day Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $25
Gingerbread Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $27
Give Thanks Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $27
Groovy White plug in Original Price: $15 Sale Price: $12
Heavenly plug in Original Price: $15 Sale Price: $12
Heaveny full size Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $27
Holly full size Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $22.50
Hugs and Kisses Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $25
Jack O Lantern plug in Original Price: $15 Sale Price: $12
Menorah Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $22.50
Nod Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $27
Riverbed Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $27
Snow Day Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $25
Starfish plug in Original Price: $15 Sale Price: $12
Tannenbaum Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $27
Tiki Original Price: $30 Sale Price: $22.50
Weave Denim plug in Original Price: $15 Sale Price: $13

You will also receive a FREE bar from my inventory with purchase of any of these warmers. I have a huge list of inventory so I will give you the list to choose from when you call to claim your warmer. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

November Warmer of the Month - PRANCER

Don't forget - 10% off during November and FREE SHIPPING (an additional 10% off) if you PRE-ORDER before November 1st.

Silver Bells (November SOTM) samples - FREE!

It's that time of month again - SAMPLE TIME! The new Scent of the Month for November is called "Silver Bells" and it is yum, yum, yummy!

"SILVER BELLS: Like a sleigh ride in the snow, Silver Bells celebrates the magic of hushed winter nights. Icy peppermint candy canes dance over warm and welcoming winter pear and crisp apple, all enveloped in a velvety blanket of caramel and vanilla sugar."

I am doing it a bit different this time. Message, call, or text me if you want a sample. If you want to come pick it up, they will be ready by Tuesday evening (October 19th). Otherwise, I will deliver on the weekend.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Special on select bars

Special on "older" scents (these are the square bars).
Pick any bar for $4 or 3 bars for $10.
(The special pricing is available only for these "older" ones that I have in inventory to get rid of. Some of the scents can still be ordered in the new packaging for regular price.)
Honey Pear Cider
Cinnamon Bear
Poinsettia Pine
Vanilla Suede
Toasted Caramel Sugar
Winter Wonderland
Caramel Spice
Holly Berry


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Personal shopping appts for discontinued items and 10% off special

Several of you have asked about coming to smell some of the scents that are being discontinued so you can order before they are gone and while they are 10% off during August. I will be having my Fall festival coming up so I am not putting together a open house in the next few days but I am HAPPY to have you come over and have your own little personal smelling event (just you, come with a friend, whatever). Let me know what time works for you on August 27 - August 31 and I will have everything out for you.
Email, text, or FB a time you want to head over.
Also - while you are here - pick up some "older" bars for $4. I want to clear them out!
Talk to you soon!