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On this page you will find PREFERRED CUSTOMER specials, dates/locations of events that I will be at, information on Gift Baskets, Open House, Parties, etc.

As those of you that have been my Customers for awhile know, I am VERY appreciative of my supportive friends, family, and customers and offer specials whenever possible as well as AWESOME rewards for referrals.

THANKS for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Personal shopping appts for discontinued items and 10% off special

Several of you have asked about coming to smell some of the scents that are being discontinued so you can order before they are gone and while they are 10% off during August. I will be having my Fall festival coming up so I am not putting together a open house in the next few days but I am HAPPY to have you come over and have your own little personal smelling event (just you, come with a friend, whatever). Let me know what time works for you on August 27 - August 31 and I will have everything out for you.
Email, text, or FB a time you want to head over.
Also - while you are here - pick up some "older" bars for $4. I want to clear them out!
Talk to you soon!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Leave a comment with your favorite warmer and scent so everyone will know what to try!
Those that participate will be entered in a drawing for free goodies!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bars on sale for $4

All "old" scents in my inventory on sale for $4/bar (that is $1 off).
I have quite a few to choose from - many are discontinued scents.
Let me know if you want to come over and "shop"!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???

We are celebrating at The Blake house this weekend. Parker made the "A Team" for the Herriman PeeWee Football Team. In celebration (and to get you all ready for your own Football season), you can take an additional 10% off of the Football warmer - Game Day - through Tuesday morning. This means 20% off since it is part of the August transition sale. Call or Email me TODAY!

Friday, August 13, 2010

And the winner is ....

As many of you know, I was working towards a certain level of sales during April, May, June, and July. Scentsy was offering some AWESOME prizes for keeping a consistant business and I had my eye on a couple of them.
As always, my friends and customers were such a great support and helped me meet goals each of those months! THANK YOU!!!!
Well, the results were in this week ... I didn't quite make the level I wanted to earn ALL of the prizes I wanted but I still got some very cool prizes. YAY! I am SOOOO excited!
We all know I never would have made it with out the support from all of you so as a "Thank You" for those that helped - I have a reward for you:
* Everyone that placed an order during those months will be put in a drawing - one time for every $10 ordered. I will draw/announce the winner before the end of the week and offer them a choice of prizes (some Scentsy and some others).
* If you don't win the drawing, don't worry. EVERYONE that ordered from me during April, May, June, or July will get 20% off your order (10% for the transition savings, and 10% as a THANK YOU from me) from the Spring/Summer catalog from now until the end of August. Just let me know what you would like!

You guys are so awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
And P.S. Don't forget to refer your friends to my FB page or this blog so they can participate in the fun drawings, contests, and specials. :)

DRUM ROLL PLEASE ... the winner is ....
YAY! Lauren - you get your pick of the following prizes:
1) Mary Kay Satin Hands cream
2) $15 GC for Cafe Rio
3) $15 Starbucks Gift Card
4) 2 Scentsy Room Sprays of your choice
5) $15 Scentsy Gift Certificate
Let me know which prize you pick and THANK YOU for your support!

Everyone else - don't forget to take advantage of your "Thank You" discount before the end of the month. (Use it to stock up on those scents that you LOVE that are being discontinued!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Spring/Summer Items being DISCONTINUED!

The following items will be discontinued at the end of the Spring/Summer season (August 31st). I know that some of the scents are my best sellers which means that YOU guys must LOVE them. You don't want to be sad when you can't get them any longer so STOCK UP NOW! And to help out .. don't forget - 10% off items in the Spring/Summer catalog in August!

Candy Shoppe
Sunshine Kids
Scentsy Plum
Scentsy Green
Surfs Up
Beaded White
Beaded Black

Dandy Cherry
Dandy Turquoise
Dandy Lime
Dandy Tangerine
Weave Buttercup
Weave Denim

Cutiepie Cupcake
Caramel Spice
Green Tea Smoothie
Orange Dreamsicle
Cinnamon Cider
Pretty in Pink
Mountain Retreat
Mineral Springs
Cherry Limeade
Go Go Goji
Sweet Clementine
Plum Delicious
Mad About Mint
Grape Granita
Coconut Palm
Tangerine Tango

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gift Baskets

I will be putting several gift basket options together for the upcoming Holidays but I wanted to get one example on here right away so you can see just how cute they are! Have a wedding or a birthday coming up? Here's your perfect gift!

This option is a large basket. It includes a full-size warmer, one Scentsy bar, one Room spray, 2 bags of decorated hand-dipped oreos, and filler (candy kisses, taffy, and confetti).

Get a new catalog .. and a deal!

Excited to get your new catalog? Want to "stock up" on Spring/Summer items that will be discontinued?
Help me out with my delivering/mailing and come and pick up your new Fall/Winter catalog from me before I get them out and you will receive 20% off an order from the Spring/Summer catalog.
Let me know when you are coming so I can make sure I leave it out if I am not home!


WAY CUTE! Need I say more? :)

Cascade Collection

For those of you that LOVED the Riverbed when it was released, you will be as excited as I was about this Cascade Collection. Similar to the Riverbed but in some different colors.

Fall/Winter 2010 Catalog

I finally got my new Fall/Winter catalogs and I am SO SO SOOOOO excited!
There are some great new products that I know you all are going to LOVE!
I am going to "highlight" some of my favorites so you can get a preview!
Keep stopping by!

And don't forget to call, text, email, or post a comment if you want a new catalog to shop from!


Thank you so much for stopping by my SCENTSY blog!
Many of you are part of my Jenns Scents Facebook page, email list, etc.
However, I am trying to consolidate and make it easy for anyone to see my specials on a regular basis. I will still continue to use those other means of communication on occassion but I am HOPING that people will visit this blog and this can be the main source for "preferred customer" specials.
Please spread the word to all of your friends and family that would LOVE Scentsy and don't forget to have them post a comment or message me to let me know you referred them so you can get referral points!
As always, thanks for your support as I continue to grow my business!